Национальный парк “Браславские озера”
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Development of nature management plan for Latvia-Belarus cross-border specially protected nature territory is started
The seminar „Methodology of management plans for cross-border protected nature territory” took place in February 11th to 13th, 2014, in framework of the Project LLB-2-258 „Cross-border Nature”. The goal of this meeting was to reach the common understanding about methods of development and contents of harmonised joint management plan for trans-border nature territory, the public involvement, as well as exchange experience about inventories of nature values and management planning in both countries.

 The participants of the seminar were nature experts from Latvia and Belarus, specialists of joint-stock company “Latvia State Forests”, Daugavpils County municipality, national park “Braslav lakes”, as well as officials from Nature Conservation Agency and State Scientific and Production Amalgamation "The Scientific and Practical Centre for Bioresources”, which are responsible for supervising of development of nature management plans in their countries.

The winter is coming to end, the first migratory birds will be here soon, and vegetation season will start, therefore the meeting of experts from both countries was so important in order to get acquainted and to agree on lists of species most significant for both specially protected nature territories.

It is important to mention that meeting of experts from both countries resulted in finding of sedge species (Carex stenophylla), new for Latvia and even Baltic states. 
The Project staff members are grateful to all participants of seminar for their contribution in reaching the seminar goals.
Project is realised in framework of Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013. within the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument.
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